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ADAPTA studio – Be efficient and accurate: real-time ready objects in the cloud

ADAPTA studio employs advanced mathematical algorithm to optimize the weight in memory of 3D objects, without affecting the quality.

Nowadays, highly-defined 3D  objects play a central role in computer graphics.
Give our products and services AMAZ3D a go!
They provide an automatic optimization of 3D graphical models, by reducing the memory allocation while preserving the quality of the original objects.

Why amaz3d?

ADAPTA studio aims at supporting graphic designers and companies in creating 3D models stuck to reality while reducing computational resources.


18 MB


1,8 MB


4,67 MB


0,9 MB

Polygon optimization

Optimize your 3D asset in terms of memory allocation and object details.

AMAZ3D implements advanced optimization algorithms which shorten the time from the creation to the employment of your favourite 3D asset.

  • Advanced optimization algorithms
  • Memory and computational time saving
  • User-defined optimization level
  • Up to 99% polygon count reduction
  • User control on the final number of polygons
  • Preserve normals, hard & soft edges
  • Minimal quality loss

UV preservation

Textured objects can be easily managed by AMAZ3D, so draw your life!

Recover in a fully automatic way the information displayed on the surface of your object. The texture is properly projected from the original to the AMAZ3D object, even after invasive topological operations.

  • Texture preservation algorithms
  • UV coordinate recovery
  • Texture re-mapping

258.000 polygon


10.000 polygon


Level of detail

Is your object on the background or on the foreground? No problem in any case.

AMAZ3D allows the user to reach the desired Level Of Detail (LOD). It’s enough to set the number of polygons of your AMAZ3D object.

Make your LOD creation automatic in few seconds with AMAZ3D.

  • User-defined LOD with LOD chain preset
  • Tunable number of polygons
  • LOD creation with quality preservation
  • From unprepped 3D data with millions of polygons to realtime ready objects in seconds

Animation preservation

AMAZ3D allow users to preserve animations, bones, skin and rigs during the optimization process.

AMAZ3D LOD creation module employs advanced mathematical techniques to preserve animation during the LOD creation.
You won’t have to re-apply animations after optimization, just use AMAZ3D to optimize asset from your browser.

  • Create LOD preserving animations
  • Preserve skins, rigs, bones and armatures while reducing polygon count

Normal Baking

AMAZ3D allows user to bake a normal map from the high poly to the low poly model

AMAZ3D baking tools are what you need to transfer data from high poly asset to the low poly one after optimization

  • Tunable normal map quality
  • Multiple file formats
  • OpenGL and DirectX compatibility


AMAZ3D lets users paint areas of the mesh not to optimize

AMAZ3D masking tool uses vertex paint to identify areas to leave untouched.
You can use this tool to weight optimization in the areas you prefer.
Please take a look at how to do it in this video

  • Use vertex paint to guide your optimization
  • Autorship for artist restored

Are you ready to be AMAZ3D by math? Check below.

AMAZ3D exploits algorithms based on advanced mathematical techniques to reduce the weight in memory of 3D objects (up to 90% less memory usage), while preserving the initial quality of your asset. In particular, less geometric features are required by AMAZ3D to describe your object when compared with the original item, thanks to a strategic allocation of the polygons.

3d_chameleon_adapta_studio 3d_chameleon_adapta_studio

of memory weight

of execution time (on a standard laptop)

A wide range of applications for the AMAZ3D products

What’s your industry?

Industry 4.0
Cultural heritage
Sport training

...and many more!

AMAZ3D brings a value in every market where 3D objects, real or virtual, play a role.