Save time during game development, just be AMAZ3D


Manage all your 3D art with the same platform connected to any software you already use!

The platform is connected through plugins to DCC softwares and engines, provideing you a smart way to manage your 3D asset rough multiple applications. The platform is also completed by a 3D white label viewer and a 3D asset optimization tool that is far better than any competitor.

The workflow

The workflow we envisioned, give it a try!

Create your 3D art in any DCC software (even CAD suite)

Just use you imagination,we will think about optimization and 3D asset management! Once you finisched upload it on AMAZ3D using our handy plugins. Now available for Blender!

Try the plugin for Blender!

Upload it, Optimize it, Share it in AMAZ3D

AMAZ3D is a cloud platform connected with any tool you might need that let’s you optimize, manage and monitor 3D files across multiple platforms


Employ the optimized asset in any engine

Use our downstream plugins to employ the optimized asset in any engine!
And if you need some fixes you can traverse the pipeline in both directions, to achieve the best possible and most performant art for your application.
Now available for Unity!

Try the Unity plugin

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