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Amaz3D SaaS FAQ

Check out this video for a simple tutorial

For a complete list of all Third party libraries employed by the software please take a look here:


AMAZ3D is a cloud platform that you can access through a Web Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc..)
Right now AMAZ3D  you can access it directly from

In order to use AMAZ3D you will need to create a profile using your email address.


Each result can be download by clicking on the “Download” button.

If an object is too heavy to be visualized  on Browser Preview you will see a warning. Althought it is possible to use the Browser Preview even in this case we suggest to download and compare objects offline using your favourite DCC software.



Which format does AMAZ3D support?

Currently, AMAZ3D supports natively  OBJ, GLTF, GLB and FBX. Other file formats accepted in the cloud will be converted automatically in OBJ before and after optimizations

How can I delete my account?

Currently, it is not possible to delete the account on your own. To do so you will have to send us an email and we will proceed to delete your account. Please note that all data will be lost.

How can I delete a Project

You can delete a project by clicking the “Delete project” button in project view. Please note that all data will be lost.

I’m unable to login or to reset my password, what can I do?

Some users are experiencing issues with old versions of Safari. If you are not able to access we suggest trying a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox

Does AMAZ3D preserve animation?

Yes. This feature works with FBX, GLTF and GLB objects

What can I do if I have forgotten my credentials?

You can recover your account by selecting “Forgot your password?” in the login page

How can I obtain better normals in my optimizations?

You may try to enable “project normals” to obtain better normals in your results. This option is disabled by default and can be activated from “CUSTOM”. By enabling this option your result could get some artefacts.

Which formats do support normals baking?

OBJ, FBX and GLTF (GLTF Embedded, GLTF Not Embedded, GLB)

Which object do support normals baking?

All objects (uploaded in a supported format) with at least one material and an UV map

AMAZ3D doesn’t handle external asset of my project. How can I solve this?

If your project has external assets you should check about how those are referenced in your files: please provide files which reference assets in the same path of the main file and avoid to use absolute paths.
Although external assets are supported in AMAZ3D cloud, we strongly recommend to use embedded format as FBX, GLTF or GLB, so that all assets are packed in a single file.

I’ve created a project and performed some optimization but the normals baking functionality doesn’t appear.

First of all verify if the following icon appear for your project:

Amaz3D analyses every project to define if it is eligible for normals baking.

If not, please verify if your object is uploaded in a supported format and there is at least a material with uv maps. If you have created a project before normals baking has been released, please re submit your project again.