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Save time and memory, and preserve the details


See with your own eyes!

On the left you have the original object (18 MB); on the right  the AMAZ3D version (0.9 MB).
It is definitely “lighter”, and the details are there.

Without AMAZ3D

Try to move the chameleon and check if you can spot any difference!


Try to move the chameleon and check if you can spot any difference!

Our products

To accommodate the specific requirements of each customer, AMAZ3D comes in three different flavors.


AMAZ3D cloud

Not enough computing power? Use the AMAZ3D cloud service to optimize your 3D objects without using the local computer resources.

This AMAZ3D version provides a 3D renderer to analize the optimized object, with an intuitive interface.

Try the cloud platform for free

API Integration & Plugins

The solution for companies who want to include polygon reduction directly in their platforms. Check out the API documentation and start integrating the API directly into your product mix.
if you prefer you can also take a look at our Blender plugin

Take a look at the Unlimited Tier with white label option

Software library

The solution for developers who want to integrate polygon optimization in existing software. The AMAZ3D library provides handy interfaces to simplify the integration of the optimization algorithm.
ADAPTA studio is actively working on developing plugins for DCC and graphic engines featuring this library.

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