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ADAPTA studio is proud to start the alpha testing of their Unity plugin. The plugin is in development and any feedback can be helpful (bugs, more functionalities, improvements).
Please send an email to [email protected] if you encounter any bug or lack of functionality.

ATTENTION! For the month of February, the plugin will be free of charge and usable by anybody using the following activation code: H6V8-Z693-YM2J-V6AM

Please follow the setup instructions listed below (or in the file).

# Installation guidelines

ATTENTION: The plugin has been developed for Windows only.

Start by downloading the package from the ADAPTA studio website, then follow these steps:

  1.  Unzip the folder in “C:\amaz3d4unity\”  OPTIONAL: you can choose different folders but, if you do please refer to step 3.1);
  2. Double-click the amaz3d-license-mager.exe ( or right-click and run-as-administrator) and run the following commands in the command prompt:
    1. write “activate” and click enter;
    2. write the activation code and click enter ( a success message will indicate that the library has been successfully installed);
    3. write exit and click enter.
  3. Setup variables:
    1. Now double click the set-varibles.bat file (or right click and run-as-administrator);
    2. OPTIONAL: If you changed the unzip folder please modify the file set-variables.bat in this way:
      • setx AMAZ3D_DATA_PATH “absolute\path\to\the\extracted\folder\data”
      • setx AMAZ3D_RESULT_PATH “Cabsolute\path\to\the\extracted\folder\results”
      • setx AMAZ3D_STANDALONE_PATH “absolute\path\to\the\extracted\folder\amaz3d-standalone.exe”
      • Remark: Keep the data, results, and amaz3d-standalone.exe. After you modify the variable please double-click the set_varibles.bat file
  4. Now you can drag the AMAZ3D.cs file to your Unity asset manager;
  5. After importing the AMAZ3D.cs file you will find the plugin in tools in the upper part of the editor (see the video on the right part of the page);
  6. Please refer to the video on the right part of the page to understand how it works (link);
  7. Restart the Unity editor & HUB.

For a list of all third party libraries please take a look here: link