Position title
Gaming/Metaverse market evangelist (advisor position)

ADAPTA studio, founded in 2021, after the first phase of development of advanced algorithms started in 2019, has already received two funding round from  360 Capital Partners and support from Polihub; currently offers different solutions and products for the optimization of three-dimensional graphic objects t in order to meet the different customer’s needs.

ADAPTA studio’s product  AMAZ3D enables users to create 3D applications, virtual worlds, and games with realistic graphics with minimal computational resources.

The products developed by ADAPTA studio employes advanced proprietary patent-pending numerical algorithms with performance that surpasses every market benchmark.

ADAPTA studio aims at becoming the standard for digital asset optimization, so why don’t you help us achieve this goal?


Development of commercial & business development strategy.
The search for this new member of ADAPTA studio’s team is  inspired by the need to establish a recognized position in gaming & metaverse, which represent the main markets we want to address first.

  • Establish connections with game development and metaverse companies;
  • Develop a suitable business and marketing plan;
  • Propose trial and licenses of ADAPTA studio’s software to target customers;
  • Provide a contribution in setting the best development strategy to accomplish customers’ needs;
  • Become the testimonial for ADAPTA studio’s products in the gaming & metaverse environment;
  • Collaborate in fund-raising plans;
  • Analize markets to identify the next fields to be explored after gaming & metaverse, jointly with the founders.
  • Knowledge of the workflow of 3D artist, technical artist and game/metaverse developers;
  • Recognizable profile in the gaming/metaverse market;
  • Connections with VC with investments in the gaming/metaverse market;
  • Previous executive experience in game/metaverse development & game utilities software development;
  • Strong connections with game/metaverse development companies;
  • Previous experience in jobs with contacts with external customers in game/metaverse companies;
  • Previous experience in go-to-market strategy development;
  • Previous experience in development of marketing strategies;
  • Very good team-work abilities and communication skills;
  • Proven track record of successfully managing customer relationships;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Highly self-motivated;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Employment Type
Part-time, Advisor
Job Location
Via Andrea Saccardo 9, Milano, Lombardia, 20134, Italy
Remote work possible
Working Hours
Date posted
23 March 2022
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Position: Gaming/Metaverse market evangelist (advisor position)