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Full Stack Developer

ADAPTA studio, founded in 2021, after the first phase of development of advanced algorithms started in 2019, has already received two funding round from  360 Capital Partners and support from Polihub; currently offers different solutions and products for the optimization of three-dimensional graphic objects t in order to meet the different customer’s needs.

ADAPTA studio’s product  AMAZ3D enables users to create 3D applications, virtual worlds, and games with realistic graphics with minimal computational resources.

The products developed by ADAPTA studio employes advanced proprietary patent-pending numerical algorithms with performance that surpasses every market benchmark.

ADAPTA studio aims at becoming the standard for digital asset optimization, so why don’t you help us achieve this goal?


Development of a user interface for a C++ library currently served through a SaaS. A first version of the interface has been already developed by external consultants as a Web Application using Angular, Three.js, Node.js and Python. In the current version of the software, users can upload 3D objects in different formats and optimize them with different presets or custom parameters guided by the web UI. The backend system then employs different job queues (using Celery as a communication protocol) to convert the source 3D models into a format suitable for our C++ library, optimize them and convert them again in the destination format chosen by the user.

In order to proceed with the development of the project, and to quickly iterate on features that the customers might require, we would like to enrich our team with a strong expertise on  Web Development.

  • Maintenance and improvement of the user interfaces;
  • Development of operations for the rendering window (e.g cropping, UV unwrapping, texture visualization);
  • Deployment of the interface on cloud services and as a standalone software.
  • Development of interfaces for other software, exploration of API and SDK
  • Master/Bachelor degree in computer science or equivalent;
  • Very good knowledge of the following languages: Python, Javascript/Typescript;
  • Very good knowledge of the following frameworks and libraries: Angular, Node.js, graphQL, Three.js ;
  • Knowledge of the following technologies: Docker, Docker swarm;
  • Knowledge of the C++ language;
  • Very good team work abilities and communication skills;
  • No previous work experience needed;
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Via Andrea Saccardo 9, Milano, Lombardia, 20134, Italy
Remote work possible
Working Hours
8 hours at a day per 5 days at a week
Date posted
30 June 2021
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Position: Full Stack Developer