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ADAPTA studio in the Metaverse (23/03/2022)

By 23 March 2022May 18th, 2022No Comments
ADAPTA studio in the metaverse

ADAPTA studio in the metaverse on Decentraland scene preview environment!

🎮 Creating engaging experiences in the metaverse can be challenging, in particular, due to the limitations in terms of polygon numbers (10k polygon for any land is very low).

⚙️AMAZ3D allows users to reduce polygon numbers enabling the creation of immersive virtual worlds with realistic graphics. Stay tuned for an example from ADAPTA studio in Decentraland test environment.

👀 For now, take a look at the first test we performed, our chameleon was composed of about 260k polygons, so, how did we manage to create this scene? AMAZ3D cloud helped us reduce the polygon counts to 9k without affecting quality!

☁️Try AMAZ3D cloud for free for a limited time by following this link ( and unlock your potential in the metaverse!

ADAPTA studio enables people to create incredible metaverse applications with stunning visuals without surpassing the 10k limit for land imposed by metaverse world providers (e.g. Decentraland).
In this image we show a test performed in the test environment of Decentraland. This application will be available in the future to show the possibilities brought by ADAPTA studio’s AMAZ3D.

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