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After the acceptance of the terms of service, you may use the AMAZ3D product for a limited number of optimization, such as the ones indicated as “ADAPTA coins”.

Each coins allow user to perform a full optimization and download the optimized file. There are different possibilities to get other ADAPTA coins detailed in the pricing page.
There are different possibile tiers that allow user to employ the AMAZ3D product. The prices related to those tiers are related to volume of platform usage and time.
The fees for each of these tiers shall be paied in advance, unless stated otherwise.

Each profile can be employed by a single user, it is locked to your email address with a password. All profiles can be only employed internally in your company (both API and GUI) unless stated otherwise.

Your “ADAPTA coins” do not transfer month by month.

With a complete payment each user shall be granted with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable, timely limited (to the period defined in the order) license. Any rights of the 3D asset uploaded by users within the AMAZ3D product will remain to the user prior and following any 3D processing.